September 2006

I just read in a danish newspaper about a website that allows you to send emails to the future. simply stores your email message and sends it the day you planned. So you can send emails in upto 30 years from now, imagine being dead and sending a message to your grandchild (who has to have kept the same email address though).

At least the end of the internet as we know it

And while you’re preparing for that, why not check if today is friday?

I just read an interesting post on Jack of All Blogs about YouTube and their business model.

Basically the point is that YouTube doesn’t have a business model yet, but since much of their content is copyrighted, the moment they’d decide to place advertising in the beginning of each video, they would be sued.

It’s an interesting issue, since the Web 2.0 idea about democratizing content and building so much upon user contributions is of course hard to control, but in YouTubes case even harder to turn into an income.

I have the feeling though, that they will find a way…

I discovered a new word today: Linkbait.

These days I´m using a lot of time learning more about the ways of Google and other search engines and although I find myself pretty knowledgeable in search engine optimization there´s still a lot to learn. Not least because the rules of the game keep changing as the search engines optimize their algorithms and as the black hat SEO people find new ways to get high rankings quickly.

Anyway, back to linkbaiting. Linkbait is like trying to create a viral buzz about yourself or your site. So it basically means creating some kind of content that makes people link to your site more than usual.

While linkbaiting might sound a bit like surfers getting caught on the bad SEO persons hook, some believe that linkbaiting is an art and it really isn’t as bad as it sounds, says Matt Cutts.

In my opinion linkbaiting as a concept isn’t something all that new, but trying to think about it and focus on getting links and visitors by placing content that they would like is a good exercise. I belive the “is it good or bad” discussion boils down to whether you intentionally try to write to get people linking to you, or it just happens by accident. It’s probably the loss of the romantic idea of the internet and its workings as something that just happens by itself, and people waking up to the fact that everything as well as the internet can and will be manipulated to earn money, that makes linkbaiting sound as a bad concept.

A friend of mine in New Zealand brought my attention to this unfortunate story with a travel agency called Flight Centre.

I hate bad customer service (which unfortunately is the norm here in Catalunya), but even worse is directly misleading the customer to get a sale.

I think one of the only really forceful media we have is the internet, so I will gladly post about this to give Flight Centre the bad publicity it deserves and hopefully press them more to correct their behaviour.

I hope the story will have a good ending…

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