October 2006

Search Engine Optimization is a complicated task and neverending process, so I thought I’d share some of the free tools I’m using.

The basics first (semantic structure, file size, top keywords and more)
Get a general idea of how well your site is optimized.
- SEO Analyzer – requires registration which is free

Track your search engine listings
You can’t optimize your site, if you don’t check that what you do is working.
- SERP tracker – requires google api key, which is free to get

Get links
No tool can actually get you those links, but they are essential for your rankings and you can use this tool to see how well you’re doing.
- Backlink analyzer – requires google api key, which is free to get

More text – less code
The more real text you have per page, the more relevant it’s considered to be by the search engines. So use css as much as possible and stuff it and javascript away in external files.
- Code to text ratio calculator

Valid code
The browsers might be lenient on this, but the search engines aren’t.
- w3c validator

Keywords and phrases
You need to optimize your pages for specific keywords and phrases (3 max).
- Keyword density checker

If you’ve got any other tool to add to the list, please go ahead and post them.

I have moved my blog to my own domain name (david.givoni.com/blog), because of two reasons:

- I like the personal domain name better
- I wanted more control over the looks and contents of the blog. This includes adding a few link-advertisements and adapting the theme a bit.

I’m sure we’ll all get used to this new location :)