The news regarding Wikipedia-founder Jimmy Wales’s development of a search engine has got quite some coverage. Whether it’s because people really believe the Wikiasari project to be able to compete with Google or just because it’s to imagine it, I don’t know.

I’m very much in favor of the idea it’s based on: a user-influenced, personalized, and generally web 2.0 inspired search that serves quality information! It sounds too good to be true. And I think it is.

As the article on writes: “Human weeding alone cannot keep up with the spam”.

That’s simply the main point. Other similar user based ideas have problems:
Open Directory is not a success (at least sites are waiting 3-12 months to be accepted), people are “gaming”, the blogosphere is influenced by the payperpost issue and I doubt that such a lucrative area as search will succeed in battling spam without some very heavy automatic tools to help with it. And even then it’s hard…

But I welcome the initiative and I’m looking forward to how they will do it in practice.