As you probably know by now, I am leading the development of Quomon, a questions and answers system for IT and graphic design professionals.

Based on our experience with this my company, Lumin Creative, has begun selling the engine Quomon is based on as questions and answers software for internal use in corporations or to integrate with public websites.

An example of the use for a public website is Debthelp, a company that sells services for people with debt problems. Debthelp needed a way to let users submit questions, to be answered primarily by Debthelps experts and in the process creating a dynamic knowledge database that would serve as reference for other users as well and draw traffic from search engines. The site has been launched a few weeks ago and is a very good example of the type of customization that we provide for our clients. The questions and answers section is completely integrated visually with the rest of the website and the point system and functionality has been adapted to Debthelps needs.

The intranet version of our questions and answers software is directed towards larger corporations, where people are located in several different geographical areas. The q&a system then provides a way of solving problems without having to know who has the necessary knowledge to help, since the software provides the connections between personnel. By way of the point system it also serves as a tool to recognize peoples expertise and motivate knowledge sharing throughout the company.

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