You, my faithful readers :) , all know that there are reserved words you shouldn’t call your database tables, columns, objects etc.

I knew that too. But working with an Access database, you are never told that that is the problem if your queries aren’t working. I had a problem inserting, and the only thing I received was “Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement”. Hmmm, so I checked for reserved words, and since I wasn’t using any (according to the list I was checking) I went on to check other things.

My bad. It took me quite a while to realize that I WAS using reserved words, and even two of them. I just wasn’t looking on a complete list. “Password” and “compression” are reserved words in Jet Sql, although don’t show up on Microsofts list, they do on’s list. This last one actually includes reserved words for standard SQL, MS SQL Server and even future SQL! It’s a definite bookmark for me, and I hope it will help somebody else as well.